Thursday, November 3, 2011


Alright, so day three what happened today?

Well i dragged my butt out of bed this morning and charles helped me deliver the 46s' rear axle to the welder to have the mounts put on. Other then that, not alot happened today its post halloween and pre new years so its most definitely slow season.

I think I may take my new found love for HEAVY black traditional tattoos and spend the slow afternoons teaching myself to watercolor a little better and make some flash of stuff I'd like to do in this new black style. I've been planingo n it for a while seeing as people always ask what the shop min. is and then ask what they can get for that so i figure i may as well make a sheet of stuff id do for the min. makes since right? right.

kinda funny that the last few years ive been all about bright bold color and now would be just as happen doing the same tattoos but all black with a little lighter black. the worlds a strange place i suppose.


but what stays the same is my process this painting season.


mostly gridding a lose drawing onto the panel from my reference so i keep my scale correct-ish and the just make it up from there. but occasionally i do just sketch it out.


first painting of the season! figured its been about 6 years or so since ive done a painting of a car so why not give it a whirl?



and this is were i stopped so i could make this blog before midnight ha. taking a break from painting to blog about painting.

any how thats about it, load up in the morning to head for nebraska to get the 46's dash painted and see relatives. hopefully its a good time. ill atempt to post while im gone but with spotty internet connections i may end up posting the entries all together on monday or tuesday. whenever i get back to normal net service.

I think doing one huge post to cover it all is sorta cheating, as well as just making 3 posts to count as 3 days instead of actualy making then on the correct day. so i figured my solution would be to actual journal them on paper or iphone and then post them when i get back. that seems the most honest way to keep up with the every day post count.

anyhow, back to painting


if for some reason you enjoyed my posts with a bazillion photos in them of random things i dig i finally made it easier and got a pinterest account


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