Friday, November 4, 2011

the 4th....

couple hours and im off to get the cars dash painted, i guess he wants to start tonight :) so i figured id post this blog a bit early.

Not a real busy day so i decided to dive into a little water color/flash painting. now generally i dont do water color, i just have a hard time getting into it. But J that i work with has a good grasp of it so we sat down and he show me some tips and tricks.


the reason i wanted to water color these designs is pretty simple, i knew there wasn't realy another good way to convey heavy black and whip shading on paper. i mean it makes since, all the traditional flash you see is water colored. I figure that if want to do more traditional-esc heavy black tattoos it would help to have something to show people what im talking about.


i also have been talking for years about making a flash sheet of small stuff id like to tattoo and make it a 'minimum sheet"


whats a minimum sheet? ^ that! lol

but seriously, i always get people asking what the shops minimum is closely followed by asking what they can get for that. Now I can show them a sheet and say THIS.

couldnt hurt right?

edit: as a disclaimer some of the images on the painted sheet are changed up flash and some are things i drew all the way threw.

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