Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November 2

So, this is day two eh'?

I suppose it would only make since to make the month of blogging every day fall on the month of trying to make myself busier haha.

I realy enjoy feeling productive and as the shop unfortunantly slows down for the winter and the car projects getting lengthier I dont get that constant dose of feeling like im getting things done.

It would seem that i like a good amount of things going on at one time for the same reason that some like to fall asleep to white noise. See if I'm only working on one project, even more so if its one that takes more time to finish, the information swirls inside my head. Going over and thinking about things that have already been thought of and solved long ago. But if there are many things going on instead of feeling like im trying to have a conversation with 5 people at once its like they all fall into the gaps and create a white noise i can pretty much ignore.

another example of this would be when i fall asleep to music it cant be soft, legible music. i will lay and listen to every word, every song, until its over and then i listen to the funny hum the cd player makes when its not playing anything. i eventualy get up and shut it off and go to sleep.

however if i play something super angry and heavy and growly at a slightly louder then normal volume it just turns into white noise and i can pass out. similar to how if im sleeping on the floor you can vacume around me and i wont wake up but if you whisper my name ill wake up.

sooooooooo, with all that being said im starting to paint again, which typicaly happens around this season anyways, and blogging every day. figure that should produce enough 'white noise' for me to live with.

I think this winter I'm going to try a slightly warmer/more natural color pallet for my paintings, atempt to paint different subjects than prior years, and possibly paint some smaller works as well as some WAY bigger ones as well. try to spice it up some.

here are a few photos of things bouncing around in my head for paintings and some drawings for some tattoos i did the other day for our '1 year shop anniversary'/ customer appreciation day.




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