Monday, November 1, 2010

A day at a time


I stole this pic from the blog of one of the artist from conspiracy inc. I don't recall which one. Guess you'll have to look threw them all to figure it out!

So I'm going to attempt posting everyday this month. Sarah's going to as well as part of some website/ win stuff thing, but I'm just trying to keep up with her for fun :)

So I'd say that a lot of them will be pretty light on photos, heck even light on words. But I'll try to make them worthwhile either way.

So let's get with it already!

What's new? What's going on?
Not to much is new other then the winter weather creeping in ever so sneaky. The shops grand opening seems to have gone well and business is picking up. I really owe my clientele quite a bit. Not only do they continue coming to me but often bring me there friends as well. This last week I scheduled a 3/4 sleeve for one of my clients and a half leg sleeve of awesomeness for one of her freinds!

With these pieces and some in progress work I'm very excited for the making of my new portfolio that should be done very early January. It'll be another hardbound book but that's about were the similarities end. Very excited, I'm sure I'll keep you updated. 

I'm currently trying to work on alot of larger Japanese work, I think I'm really starting to find my place in that niche. I'm excited to show people what I'm doing when these few pieces are finished. To contrast that I'm doing a few large borderline illustrative and one large very traditional japanese tattoos as well. 

Outside of work I'm trying to be preemptive about getting the winter time blues. I think my daily commute really contributes to my isolation, get up, drive to work, drive home, sleep, repeat.

I usually cure it with travel, and though I plan to be in Portland in December, it's just a bandaid. So I'm trying to come with some sort of social thing to do in sxc to make freinds/ hangout with friends. I'm thinking a weekly drawing club/night would be fun but most of my interested friends are in Omaha/ Lincoln so I'm not sure how well this idea will shape up. But it's trying?

The weather. The move. The commute. My friend Ian not waking up Friday night these are most def things that contribute to bumming me out.

I think that's probably enough for one night, gotta save something for the rest of the night right?

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  1. Good luck on posting all month, but you should totally give me your password so I can copy edit your posts so my head doesn't explode. :P