Sunday, November 7, 2010

Am I finding my voice, or just singing a song?

Spent my day off today at Sarahs place lounging on the couch watching 'batman begins' on repeat and reading blogs. all in all, not a bad way to waste a day :)

One of the new ones I found, that i ended up spending a considerable amount of time reading was

From what i gather it was the shop page but is now primarily Adrian Lee's blog. I always enjoy reading travel blogs, project blogs,pix of food blogs and also those about the progress of large tattoos. this one has them all! I've always enjoyed the books that come from this group of artists so i suppose it was a bit of a given that I'd like this.

the new books coming out appears to be all body suits, with the previous being all sleeves. below is a video of them hanging the prints of the photos in the book in time lapse for a gallery showing. thought it was kinda cool :)

im posting this from Sarahs 'right click free' computer so that explains the massive lack of photos in this post. I'm sure my overly photo heavy-ness will return in the near future, as well as some tattoo photos from hopefully some pretty neat bigger works in progress i will be starting on in the next little while.

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