Thursday, November 11, 2010

Well I finally found what I'm looking for

Though the road's still long and the light is still far...

not much to talk about today.

just a lazy day of scribbling a few ideas, making appointments and staring into no where. tomorow however looks like i should be fairly busy, which is rad. ill almost always take fairly busy over stairing into space haha.

any how, when im not staring into space ive decided to start checking out more japanese wood block prints. this kind of goes back to my previous referance post, its just an angle that i hadnt thought of for some reason.

being a nerd about process im pretty amazed just looking at the blocks them selves.


not related at all today i realized that i realy enjoy meals that come in bowls :)


wether its hot and sour soup...


even just a bowl to dip in along my french dip..


as long as theres a bowl its prolly pretty good :)

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