Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Worst super hero names ever.

Man, time just flys lately. Sit down, look up and it's dark already!

Any how today went pretty well. Actually in retrospect it was a great day. Some times I forget how much better my days are then a lot of peoples.

This morning I loaded up a new end table for my room with a cool marble top and headed to the shop. Got there early enough to unload and set it up and start cleaning for the day when the rest of the shop rolled in. Our friends at the House of Q opened there first permanent location today so we all decided to close the doors for a quick BBQ break.

On our way out the door I noticed my best friend Audi and her partner Cameron walking down the sidewalk. They were in town to get tattooed, not to put off some good Q they joined the trip. Well, cam did, audi had some running around to do.

The BBQ was awesome and when we returned to the shop I had some people come in looking for me and set up a full day of getting tattooed later on. Really love getting the walk in clientele up.

Any how I worked on Cam's tattoo for a few hours and then Audi's piece in progress. Having a good time in general and enjoying seeing each other. Something we don't get to do all that often between distance and generally busy schedules.

And now I'm watching how I met your mother, sketching fashion line ideas and organizing some more items to bring into the shop tomorrow. 

Yeah. My jobs pretty right ;)

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