Wednesday, November 17, 2010



its getting colder for sure, but with out the preciptation hanging in the air its not so sharp. well, not yet anyways.

another busy day at the shop, set this little table up in my room and am pretty happy with it. i need to go buy a dozen or so frames for things and some candels that are big enough to leave lit all days with out worring about them dripping all over though.

that being said i realy need to start taking more pictures again, even though im busy. all text blogs when i havnt realy got much to say and am just trying to make a blog a day can get pretty boring. pictures are at least interesting to look at...i think.

any how, getting tattooed tomorrow trying to finish a piece in progress. im looking forward to having it done, and looking forward to non of this tattoo being on my sternum or neck. but its still going to being a tattoo, and im still going to sleep all awkward and crappy for a while after. such is life.

hopefully in th enext few days ill have a blog worth posting.

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