Saturday, November 6, 2010

all in a days work...


So i try to make every tattoo i do a tattoo that im excited about doing. it just makes the whole process so much easier when im working on my 6th hour of linework when im just super stoked about how its going to look.

while that may make it easier, getting to that point isnt all that easy sometimes.
example, i was brought this referance photo for a tattoo. now, its not all that bad but honestly ive seen this tattooed about a dozen times and i have never liked the results no matter how well the tattoo was done.


add to that he wants to make the hair even longer so it fills nearly half his upper arm with random hair filler and of course add some spider web back ground. sigh.

try one:


i did finish the head band/ scarf on this simply for the fact that i knew i wouldnt enjoy tattooing it. i dig skull tattoos but i put so much effort into the shapes and textures that adding paint on top of it is hard to do and feel like it looks right.

onto try two:


i realy liked the hair on this one as well as the designs on the face. i tried to create a rendering more reliant on the linework this time. however the clients a 5 foot nothings skinny mexican kid so the composition just wasnt going to fit on his shoulder and look right no matter how far i shrunk it down.

so try three for the day:


i ended up putting the 'spider web' into the scarf design and tried to further push the simplicity factor/ line structure on the skull to make it readable with face paint on it etc. to balance that out i bumped up the amount of detail in everything else. a ton of attention to line weight and color contrasts and i think this may be our winner. ive got a few days until the tattoo needs to be started so ive got time to think and redraw a few more times to something im excited about. but i think this is preety close.

oh yeah, and REFRESH! :)

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