Monday, November 8, 2010

There's a picture hanging in the back of my head...


Day off numero 2:

surprisingly I've been having a good couple of relaxing days doing a whole lot of nothing. Generally I haven't been fairing so well at the 'relaxing days of nothing' I don't actually have anything to do in my days off lately and though id like to just relax all the further i get is antsy. like the set on of cabin fever after only a few moments. i think this is in part to my change of days off going from tues/weds to sun/mon. the days feel so different, and my weeks go by so differently starting them on the slow days of the week instead of ending them on the slow days. Also add to the fact that I'm generally elbows deep in some series of projects and i hav'nt really anything in the works right now. I'd set up to start sewing and what have you but forgot that my machines were whipped out in the flood and the move to the new shop costing so much i haven't been able to afford to find replacements.

Either way they've been nice, maybe its the change of setting that helps? today I headed down to the old market area and wandered into some shops and stores that i haven't been into before or at least in a very long time for some of them. partially because i haven't really anything better to do. partially to make a mental list of what is available were. I'm always keeping my eye out for some trinket, or christmas gift. hating malls this is about the only way im going to find things, and being a man i want to get in there buy my stuff and leave. more so when there are x-mas sized crowds around. so i always try to remember were things are in advance.

while i was wandering around i took a minute to stop into drastic plastic and see my best friend ever Audi :) we live a bit further apart then we normally do and we're both super busy all the time so we don't actually see each other all that much anymore so i try to pop in when i can to see her. if you knew some one that awesome you would to!


wandering alley's i found this wall, i thought it was interesting to see all the contrast. the red windows, pipes and vines against the building. the round windows and curving vines along with square windows and angular pipping. any how, thought it was worth a cell phone pic at the least.

after doing all the wandering i could manage i headed back to sarahs to check out some food blogs and checked into a blog my friend Diana had recomended. full of tasty things :)

i think this week ill try to cook some of the things on that blog and pack them as lunches for the week, its money saving and something fun and creative to do.

on the creative side I've been thinking up more ways to get my creative friends together and thought maybe a every other month or so get together were we get together and draw/ paint/ sketch together. I could maybe set up a bunch of tables/ easles in my basement and studio for us to sit around. we could watch movies and have a meal. it sounds like fun and a little more managable for those friends further way then a weekly ordeal. I'll put it out there and see what comes of it i suppose.

guess that's about it for today. I'm going to have dinner and head north tonight so i can get up bright and early to pay bills in the morning :S

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  1. Awesome update and great photo!!!

    Love the cooking ahead idea too. It really does save so much money and it's so rad to have things all ready. YAY for great food!

    Hope you have a fantastic week, my friend!! =)

    xoxoxo, Jinxi