Saturday, November 27, 2010

But there's only so many hours in the day.

So much to do, not enough brain to do it.

One of the down sides of putting so much thought and time into my tattoos is trying to find the time and brain to do it.

Figuring out your own individual work flow helps a lot in keeping the work load manageable. If I had to start a sleeve everyday I'd probably have a melt down.

Giving myself time between projects keeps it manageable, and with color studies and all the prep you don't really need to think about it past the first sitting making it a lot less stessing to tattoo. You can just put your head down a d work, focusing just on technique alone. It's a whole lot of work but in the end it makes things easier and your end result better.

I can see why some people work in one set style and genre. Though for me I think it'd feel repetitive I can see the advantages.

Right now I'm currently working on prep work for the following:
A Japanese 3/4 sleeve of a snake and flowers
A bio mech full sleeve
A eroupean/ sculpture/ Victorian referenced full sleeve
A dr. Teeth and the electric mayhem half sleeve
A good/ evil /zombie bible referenced half sleeve
A fancy elaborate lettering half a forearm

And that's just stuff I'm trying to conquer right now. That's easily 4-5 totally different styles or influences to draw pieces I love from.

My brain just may melt

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