Tuesday, November 2, 2010

2 for two


Sorry for such a lacking photo. Turns out my hipstimatic app is much like a real hipster in that neither likes to work that often.

Anyways, scenes like these always give me mixed feelings. As I wander aimlessly through random thrift and consignment shops I often wonder how this all ended up here. I can't help but think family members are selling lost loved ones things so they don't have to look at them walking around the house.


So my point. I'm walking around these places and every time I find a booth like this I get super excited! I love love love old tools. Esp monkey wrenches, especially when there's tons of them!

Then I look around at this hard and time built collection and I see a little of that old man who put this together. 

I actually went to an exhibit at the Sheldon art gallery in Lincoln once to see what was new, and they had this room converted into an old shed with loads of shelves chocked full of tools and bolts etc. They had taken it apart from the old mans house and reconstructed it inside. It was amazing. It was like looking at memories of a person I'd never known.

Anyhow, I kinda think of that when I see this type of thing. No man just gets rid of all his tools. This man is gone, and his collection being given away for 75 cents a piece. 

It kinda feels like it's something that should be passed down. 

The only thing I took from my grandparents house after my PaPa passed was one old tool box. I actually use it and the tools, and I've always left the top tray full of everything that he left in it.

Maybe that's it? Maybe wandering around consignment stores hunting for old garage stuff I'm just looking for a memory.

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