Thursday, November 25, 2010

A jackal? It's a jackal! A jackal?!


This is the only picture I took all day!

Had a wonderful thanksgiving. I'm super thankful for my families health, the people that I've been lucky enough to have in my life, and the opportunities afforded to me.

I'm sure Sarahs blog will have more photos and cover the gaps in the day that my naps covered, you can find her blog on the side bar as 'sarah baker doing crafty things' if I recall correctly.

She and my mom made some amazing pumpkin cinnamon rolls from tashas page, also on the side bar I think labeled 'flour mayhem'

So. Dang. Good.

Other then that just a chill day with Sarah, my parents, my sister & her bf, soooo much food and a roaring fire.

All this tasty food made me wish Ian could be here to enjoy it. I thought about leaving some at his headstone but between him loving the earth & prolly wouldn't want even a napkin floating around and the thought that he wouldn't want any of that love filled food to go to 'waist'  I decided to just keep him in mind/ heart instead.

I had a pretty negative energy filled week and I really need to pull myself back on track. It's so easy to Lise focus and let the non sense cloud your thoughts.

Any how, I'm off to more family, food & fire.

Be excellent to one another ;)

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