Thursday, August 5, 2010

i wont make it any other way..

James Taylor, fried chicken, steel slide guitars, good freinds. there are some things that with out, life just wouldnt be worth it.

Its beena few days since ive posted last. ive been in omaha not only moving monumentaly heavy furniture, but also sitting around a remarkably dull hospital waiting romm with my girl freinds parents. did i mention this week i was meeting my girls parents for the first time ever in life? after seeing her for nearly a year *gasp* it went better then anticipated so thats a plus, they seem preety nice.

we all agreed that this massive, un godly heavy, desk would be place exactly here for the remander of any of our natural lifes after hauling it up 3 flights of stairs. stairs that sound like your going to fall threw them just walking up them let alone while hauling a desk that seems to weight similar to two refrigerators.

witness my enemy:


doesnt look that bad, it is. lol


any how, as noted above i was at the hospital most of wednesday. Sarah was in need of less gallbladers so a very...very..very long day she is gallblader free :)

she does however have some preety sweet super man/ batman bandaids:)


other notes from wednesday were her parents and my first visit to King Kong burger, a place were the burgers are named simply by how many pounds the burger weights haha.
* my big fat hand for size comparison *


we also picked up all her school books for med school starting in a few weeks, thast were i spotted this gem at the book store, haha.


my brains still preety skattered from waking up a dozen times to make sure she was ok last night, so i apoligize for the skatteredness of todays ramble.

going in reverse order tuesday i went in to have my car serviced and saw this in the show room! i was preety stoked, ive never seen a car with the factory racing body kit let alone a fully optioned tdi cup car. one of my favorite colors to boot :)


these vw diesle motors run CLEANER then any avalible 'hybred' car, and get way better milage on top of that. the tdi cup series is a factory sponsored racing series using only these tdi can see/ read more here


i also swung by lenny renkens new tattoo studio over in council bluffs, ( )to check out his new rib tattoo by current guest artist Anthony Orsatti ( ) im lacking a photo but it looked great!

while i was there i also had the pleasure of watching anthony tattoo dominic holmes ribs/stomach ( )

not a wonderful photo but here is the result, in just minutes over an hours time anthony is truely a 'warp speed' tattoo artist!


hope you guys had a good few days, and hopefully ill be back to posting in a less skarterd manner soon :)


  1. Love your fun posts!!

    James Taylor has always been one of my faves. He always makes me happy. That voice is classic!

    Awesome tattoo too!!

    Thanks for the cool update, mister.

  2. That is one of the sexiest VWs I've ever seen. Older Jettas, Passats and Bugs with the TDI still go for 1.5-2x the price of the gas ones.

    Friend of mine had one with the VR6 - thing was a rocket but he was lucky to get 20mpg.

  3. jinxi: yeah if you dont like james taylor your no friend of mine haha. i cant believe that even at his growing age his voice is still like butter

    andy: yeah its preety slick, its got the gti/gli plaid interior as well. only thing i dont like about the vr6 is how nose heavy they are because of that motor. if i were going to get a vw with more then 5 cylinders id get a phanton with the w 12 cylinder in it. with awd of course ;)