Monday, October 31, 2011 least a little

Alright nothing to exciting but its progress, this weekend i got the shock and leaf spring mounting tabs/pads cut off the 'new' 9 inch rear and then ground them down so i can have the new mounts welded on.

but before the photos of that exciting-ness...


proof Sarah is still in the garage helping out and not hating the car haha.

In this super secret spy photo you can see her helping out by studying cardiopulmonary physical therapy. Im not entirely sure how this relates to the car coming together, but I'm pretty sure its important. It'd be a pretty fat book for something not that important.

aaaaaanyhow, here are some pix.

now i know your thinking, why would i want to see pix of cutting off old shock mounts and leaf spring pads? well, because if you search you probably wont find any and its the little annoying things that itd be nice to google and find some help on before your hitting it with a hammer.

step one.


eating some BBQ and a side of stuffed squash, your mother was right. you need your veggies.

step two.


using a cut off wheel in a 4 inch grinder i cut the 3 sided shock mount tab along the bottom of the inner side, and then down the center. with the shock mounting bolt still stuck in there this alowed me to pivot the cut half of the bracket out of the way to cut the other half.

if you had/can get the shock bolt out it'd help even more as you'd be able to just pull the cut bit out.


the spring perches i cut the top out of first.


then with the top out i trimmed the sides down just like i did on the shock mounts by using the cut off wheel and cutting the corners off and then cutting down the center.


you can see it pre cut out center here. i did go ahead and cut some vertical slots into the piece that needs removed. that way your not sinking your cutting wheel very far into the metal before it removes the extra bit.

it went shockingly quick after fighting drilling all those holes for the rear suspension and to celebrate i popped the grinding wheel back on and nocked them all down.

i did leave a little of the metal on the tube as youll never see it and i just felt better about the integrity of the axle tube not knocking the weld and everything all the way down.

I'll go ahead and use the grinder to knock the rust off the sections were the new pads will be welded and then throw it in the truck and bring it to my welder to have them put on.

then its time for a new third member, axle bearings/seals, brake springs, shoes, drums, lines and then i can finally take the car off the stands and let it roll outside to see where its sitting! finally!

Priced everything for the rear at a tiny auto parts store just a block down from the shop I work at and happily found that not only can this dad and son store get me my parts for easily a third of what the chain stores want if not LESS, but they also carry a selection of new and used old ford parts all the way back to model T's. awesome :)

all goes well the dash gets painted next weekend!

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