Sunday, October 16, 2011

just keep chugging

so got a little more work in it this afternoon and thought of you guys, i did a quick mock up to see what ride height should be after seeing some of you say that similar 'kits' have put the rear up to 4 inches ABOVE were they started out.

any how, with a 215/65/r16 which is around about 26 inches tall it looks like it should tuck at least a half inch of rubber up into the fender opening with no blocks or anything.

todays progress was limited more or less to getting the drivers side rear spring mount installed. its been a massive pain trying to get those holes just ride with out the bit walking a little or anything else. its always just a tad off resulting in a lot of little filling and messing to get the bolt in. but oh well its better then owning a donk

any how, the drivers side came with some delimas that the passenger side did not. mainly there is a panel deviding the inside of the fender. the fron thalf is were the tire is and the back the fuel filler neck. its got a few bolts that hold it in and it falls pretty much exactly were the rear most bolt needs to go. mine were preety rusted and im not to concerend about the filler neck getting dirty so i just bent it up out of the way the best i could and went to work. in the coming week i think that ill take a cut off wheel and clearance the panel so it can sorta remain intact but not be in the way of the rear spring mount.

unless were i bent it causes it to need to be totaly cut out, in which case ill just do that.

something i also noticed after checking the squarness of my brackets and frame rail that the bottom of the rail needs to be about 1/16 to an 1/8 inch narrower to allow the bracket to seat flatter against the rail. i just used a grinder and made it happen. ill probably end up going back to the other side and doing the same. i noticed that with out the frame clearanced the bracket sits just tilted enough that it makes connecting the rear shackel from spring to mount. you could probably muscle it in but im kinda leary of that causing some bind?

anyhow, tomorrow i should get the front mount knocked out and the spring hung, and hopefully ill also get the holes drilled for the shock mounts as well as cut out the old U bolts as there is not enough room to just pull them out with the body still attached.

im thinking if i cut roughly at the 90 at the top of the U bolt i can get the out with one cut per bolt. just pulling the straight side out and swiveling the 7 shaped one around and out.

hopefully with this done i can move forward with cutting a hole to get to the back of the shock mount bolts to lock those in place and then get the tank cleaner started so it can sit for a couple days while i clean and coat the rear rails and floor above the gas tank.

then being optimistic i can start in on my 9 inch. it looks to be about 3 inches narrower then the stock rear which puts the tires roughly 1.5 inches tighter then stock, but i dont see any clearance issues, if anything it will help the tires tuck up into the fender a little better.

thats it for tonight if you want pix just scroll down to last week and pretend theyre flipped

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