Thursday, September 29, 2011

parts in paint!

alright so quick update, got the rear suspension stuff all unpacked and after some head scratching figured out which bolts go to what and how it all goes together.


made sure to label everything as to where it goes after i got it all figured out.

excelent build quailty but massivly lacking in the 'this is how you assemble and attach it' department. shouldnt be to much trouble though.


figured it would be easier to paint while it was all apart and out of the car so i got everything primed.


including these valve covers ive been hanging onto for a couple years, they were preety aweful ill h ave to find some before photos. but a couple nights of sanding i got 3 layers of paint off and everything clean enough for me.


and then this morning before work sprayed everything shiney black, this is after the first dusting. had a little trouble spraying straight down and being to close because of it but its all going under the car so its not a big deal to have some imperfections in the paint and im glad to have learned on this stuff instead of something people will see. defenatly figureing out a way to hang this stuff next time.


and the valve covers done! its the same ivory as the firewall. hopefully the motor/trans im looking at tonight pans out and ill be able to see how the color combos in my head for the motor look in real life :)


also got the dash finished and ready to send to body/paint. i need to find a before shot to post but i didnt realize how filthy it was until id spent a week striping and cleaning it!

everything came apart preety easy save for the fact that only 2 of the 8 zillion nobs and buttons on this thing were held in the same way haha. hammers, screw drivers, and all sorts of pliers were involved for certain.

i had thought about trying my hand at getting a nice shiney rattle can paint job on it, doing it just like you would with a spray gun but out of a can. but after thinking about it some more and realizing im going to be staring at it alot driving it ill leave it to a proffesioal...the garnish moldings however are definatly up for game. not looking forward to lossing my finger prints sanding and sanding but itll be worth the reward if they turn out good enough for this driver :)

just thought id keep yall in the loop :) headed to KC for the weekend so tearing off the old rear suspension and starting to mess with all of that will have to wait till monday;)

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