Wednesday, July 28, 2010

day one.


Alright, well its the end of blog day one, how productive was I and what exactly do I recall of it?

after making the page 'official' I braved the stickiness outdoors and made my way downtown to Omahas old market area to wander around and kill some time. I also figured it would be a good time to try and figure out the new camera app that i downloaded onto my phone. It seems like every one is posting 'hipstimatic' photos all over the place so i figured it couldn't be that much of a dud if every one is using it right?

evidently you can buy additional lenses, film, and flashes but for now I'm satisfied stumbling my way threw what comes with it.

any how i wandered around peaking my head into shops here and there and checking out a few tattoo studios that i'd never been into before. honestly i was hoping to be impressed with one of theses shops that id never been to. figuring maybe they would be one of the many examples of their work not being so breath taking online but amazing in person.

no such luck, the only thing i was impressed by was some interesting interior designs and a few motorcycles, one on each side of the front door. the one outside looked to be a small vert motor out of a small Honda or the like, but was sat down low with a nice bobbed rear fender and a quarter elliptic front end. in all black it was preety sharp, but still learning my fancy new app the photos i took seem to have vanished, possibly never having actually took the photo in the first place? bummer..

either way i soldiered threw the heat and muggyness to a few more places included the creepiest, well for lack of a better term, junk store underneath the building that Big Brain tattoo is located in. i had to enter threw a funny door in the alley, no joke. they had all sorts of weird things including but not limited to literally thousands of old playboys. i thought about trying to get a few photos but honestly i was pretty creeped out and wanted to leave before it turned into some sort of B horror movie. trying to recall all sorts of horror movie moments i inventoried locations of possible weapons i could use in my defense as i made my way back towards the exit, you know, just in case.

seriously, im not kidding i was creeped out. i even texted a friend to talk about the level of creepyness of my new find, subtly adding my exact location in case i should go missing moments later.

you'd think in retrospect id feel like a nerd/ sissy for being so weirded out. but nope. it was actually that creepy, 12 hour later creepy.

having had enough creepy, sweaty, warm fun for the afternoon i thought id head back to a/c and a movie. cruising threw the dundee area i spotted a falafel place named 'amsterdam' that a freind of mine, bob al-awesome, had mentioned before. so i pulled over for a quick bite. i had a falafel sandwich with the herb dressing and it was great. i knew bob al-droid wouldnt let me down :) i took some photos but all i got when i looked back at them later was the photo at the top of this post and one of a light fixture? haha,oh well.

i slept threw the first half of the new sherlock holmes movie and then went to whole foods knit night with my super cute girl friend for the evening, and now to finish the rest of that movie :)



  1. I just love your blog! It's so fantastic and I'm really stoked that you have this so I can keep up with you now that I'm not on FB. =)

    The photos are fantastic - the filter that app uses is so rad!!

    And YUMMMM a falafel & herb sandwich - it sounds delicious!

    Your GF is definitely super cute!
    Loved this post!!

  2. thanx, your definantly an influence :) the sandwich WAS delicious hopefully next time ill actualy get a photo haha. i ended up falling asleep during that move the second time i tried watching it but my gf remained super cute :)