Wednesday, July 28, 2010

And then there was this...

Alright, so i was informed last night that its not actually official that i have started this blog until something is actually 'posted' on said blog.

i was informed in front of this giant buhda

So awaking with a purpose for the morning I figured that the most appropriate thing to start off with would be a little random rambling.

I've decided to start this blog with a few reasons in mind, I've a preety horrible memory and read once, on one of the links to the left* as it were, that keeping a regular account is handy for searching and recalling what you just cant remember. Another that when I think about all the blogs and sites that I follow they tend to be doing things, creating, traveling, etc. So not wanting to have a lame-o blog I figured it would be a catalyst for me actually being as productive as I'd like to be.

So what can be expected from this page in the future?

Well hopefully i can figure out some way to upload photos from my phone into posts so i can keep you all updated better. But those updates should include traveling to tattoo studios across the country, as well as conventions, painting seminars, random road trips, fishing, attempted tasty food made and defiantly tasty food eaten :) as well as other stuff going on in my life.

...alright well that was a nice awkward stumble threw my first post about nothing, hopefully it was enough to make this thing 'official' :)


* and by left i of course mean right

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