Tuesday, March 1, 2011

counting down the days till portland in hopes that winter is gone when i return

sometimes i just space things off...like this blog.

so what exactly have i been up to? pretty much more of the same i suppose.
work, home, paint, sleep repeate for the most part.

through in some randomly working iphone struggles, my car getting demolished by a deer forcing me to drive a horrid kia rental, being so sick that i feel like im losing my mind and there you have it. the last few months.



going to see James Taylor tonight, pretty stoked on that.

Jason Reeder ~ see link on sidebar ~ just left after a week at the shop ~ addictivetattoo.com ~ Was a good time having him around seeing him through down some snazzy pieces while he was here. i got a pretty nifty beetle on my ankle/side of my foot that seems to be healing un eventfuly. looking forward to being able to wear shoes again and to having him back next time hes threw.

i guess thats about all ive got...

just trying to get my foresight to match up with my hindsight, and to find some direction.

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